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Adira Tyree

Species: Centauri
Sex: female
Place of birth: unknown
Date of Birth: unknown
Date of Death: August 5th, 2260
Profession: exotic dancer

Adira Tyree, slave of a man called Trakis, was a dancer in the Dark Star, a bar on Babylon 5.  In 2258, her master ordered her to steal Ambassador Londo Mollari's secret Purple Files but Adira refused to deliver and was captivated by Trakis.  Through a trick of Commander Sinclair, Londo managed to free her and thus regained possesion of his files.  Shortly after this incident Adira left Babylon 5 as a free woman heading for the Aris sector.

In late 2260 Adira planned to return to the human station in order to reunite with Londo, but was poisoned right before unbording by a associate of the Shadow thrall Morden.

In 2262, on a sacred Drazi festival - the 'Day of the Dead' - she temporarily returned back to life and gave Londo a last goodbye before vanishing forever.


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