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Del Varner

Del Varner
Species: Human
Sex: male
Place of birth: Earth
Date of Birth: August 27th, 2218
Date of Death: January 2257
Profession: smuggler

Del Varner was known for smuggling illegal technology, mostly for his Centauri underworld clients.  In 2257, some members of a violent Minbari warrior clan ordered him to steal a changeling net.  This device was supposed to enable one of them to travel incognito on a Narn ship to Babylon 5.  There, the warrior - appearing as Commander Jeffrey Sinclair - was to kill the newly arrived Vorlon ambassador Kosh. 
Unfortunately Varner missed connecting with the buyer's ship in the Tigris sector and therefore was forced to bring the net directly onto the station.  There, he was killed by the assassin right after the delivery.


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