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Anna Sheridan

Anna Sheridan
Species: Human
Sex: female
Place of birth: Earth (?)
Date of Birth: unknown
Date of Death: January 2257 (presumed);
Early January 2261
Profession: Xeno-archeologist

Since her youth Anna has been interested in exploring old civilizations.  Therefore it was quite natural for her to start a career as a xenoarcheologist.  After the Earth-Minbari war, Anna married John Sheridan, a young Earth Force officer and brother of her best friend Elizabeth.  The marriage was happy, although both did not see each other very often.

In July 2256, Anna borded the Earth exploration vessel Icarus.  The ship which was sponsored by Interplanetary Expeditions (IPX) was on its way to explore the recently discovered ruins of an ancient civilization on the Rim.  After having landed on the planet - Z'ha'dum - the crew by mistake awakened the inhabitants.  In order to prevent any detection the Shadows destroyed the vessel and forced the crew to choose between cooperation and death.  While her fellow crewmember Morden agreed to the proposition, Anna refused to work for the Shadows - and was intergrated as a core into one of their vessels.  Shortly thereafter all members of the Icarus crew were declared death in a accident on the Rim.

In December 2260, a person pretending to be Anna arrived at Babylon 5.  Her aim was to lure John Sheridan to Z'ha'dum.  While all medical records indicated that she was indeed Anna, some epidermal scarring above the nape of her neck made it obvious that she once had been inside a shadow ship.  Although knowing that this person no longer was the 'real' Anna - her personality gone after the fusion with the Shadow ship - her husband followed her to Z'ha'dum.

There Anna - or what was left of her - died in a thermonuclear explosion when the White Star on which both had arrived crashed into the city.

[Played by Beth Toussaint / Melissa Gilbert]


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