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Benjamin Kyle

Species: Human
Sex: male
Place of birth: unknown
Date of Birth: unknown
Profession: Earth Alliance physician
Status: 2257: medical chief on Babylon 5
2258-2262: head of 'Xenobiological Research'

During his short stay on Babylon 5 in 2257, Kyle became involved in the rescue of the newly arrived Vorlon ambassador Kosh.  Right after unbording, the Vorlon had been poisoned by a fanatic Minbari assassin and was about to die.  Although he knew nearly nothing about Vorlon physiology, Kyle was able to counteract the poison and therefore prevented his good friend Sinclair, who wrongly had been framed for the deed, from being transported to the Vorlon Homeworld for trial.

In spring of 2258 Kyle was ordered back home and became the head of Xenobiological Research at Earthdome until he retired at the end of 2262.

[Played by Johnny Sekka]


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